no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Wee R Knot Hear.

I hope you think I think I know you do
Knowing the way that I think, I think about Things.

Got chilly all of a sudden, and when I open the windows and close my eyes it reminds me of so many other cool places. In my single at the Ge with the hella view of the Capitol dome three blocks away, not to mention bums pissing on the gas station wall directly below, sweet land of liber-tee. In Hobart with Ted in that guesthouse with no heat, drinking up all the complimentary tea to keep warm. Living in Michelson 530 with thee ex and his Gibson and his cigarettes and his Playboy and my Cosmo and my Tab and my candy bars and my nerves, and putting the blanket over our guinea pig child who ate humongous holes in it. Laying in the Trinity loft over Blackwell's great room, looking at the looming spires of Exeter while music drifted over from the Sheldonian and drunken undergrads screamed in the courtyard (but they Were screaming Shakespeare---Antony and Cleopatra). Waking up in bed in my mama's house, thinking woooo...oh shit i'm in love, a whole bunch of times. I was even remembering crawling around under the cartoony comforters at H.edgie's old apartment in Seattle, along with mynameismiles and crackwhorepaul and Jane, and worrying that those melty wax candles would set the piles of paper and bedclothes and junk on fire, and then we all got up and danced to Gem and the Minus 5 :-)

When you are young you want a lot of lives. Yes please! ...then when you get older they become like everything else. How did I get so many, and where will I put them, my closet is full, and often I have to dust them.
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