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Rufus Wainwright. Yiiiiiii.

Horrendous...makes Ben Folds sound like Bob Pollard on a two-day binge. Nate Farley, please come hit me in the nose with your guitar again and make me forget what I just listened to after reading doeadear's post about the man, 'cuz I am NOT repeat NOT the target audience. Worst of all, I don't know what utility was playing the damn sound file I just sampled but it WOULD NOT SHUT OFF when I left, and I couldn't find a window to shut it off. Rufus TOOK OVER MY COMPUTER and forced me to listen to an entire three minutes of him massacreeing Ravel's Bolero, a work I detested even when Todd Rundgren used it live in concert. I'm going to complain to Norton Antivirus about this.
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