no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

surprising statistics

I'm kinda surprised to see by the rivv tool that so many people scroll past, if not actually read, the entries i write in here. I knew certain people were reading because they comment frequently, and I knew others made a regular habit of perusing LJ during slow times at work or boring evenings at home, but I figured a lot of people just dropped by LJ sporadically because they don't comment so much and don't always make an entry of their own. The fact that I myself have been on here so much for a couple of years has had a lot to do with my work situation being less than great (i.e. either unbusy and boring, or SO FARKING BUSY that if I didn't take a break my head would fall off from stress) during that time. I figured I was an anomaly, but even allowing for the rivv tool making wrong guesses about user identities sometimes, people seem to be a lot more interested in looking at LiveJournal than I would have thought.
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