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The Gospel of S L A C K.*

*(outside of inadvertent allusion, this post has nada to do with Bob Dobbs.)

there are people in this world who, to me, don't Exist, don't Have a Life. they don't accomplish much. not only do they not have jobs that are Worth Shit, they often don't have jobs at all. their life is a constant round of where's-the-money-coming-from. frequently they rip people off for small or even large amounts of money. they are often looking for a Handout of some kind: a cheap/free meal, a cheap/free crash pad, cheap/free transportation, other Cheap/Free goodies. don't forget Cheap/Free love. Things always seem to be going Wrong for these Sad Sacks and yet they never want to admit that their own behavior is at least partly to blame...except when they go Overboard and sit around castigating themselves and crying in their Beer (that someone else probably paid for) about what no-good sonsofbitches they are while a Greek chorus of sympathizers pipe up the old litany of You are good, You are worthy, You are attractive, etc. (I've even been in the chorus myself on occasion; the problem is, my record is not a Continuous Groove and I don't do Endless Looped Repeats.) there is no good reason for these ppl to live this way; it's not like they were all victims of child abuse, or grew up disadvantaged in a bad 'hood and never learned the Life Skillz. more likely they just fell off the train somewhere along the line or missed it when it was pulling out of the station, because they were probably off getting high at the time, or having some sort of Personal Issues. sometimes they indulge in some kind of Artworkx or Expressive Conduct with mixed results. often it's a matter of being Talented but lacking the Drive or the Wherewithal to put it across. Lesser talents will succeed More just because they Persevere harder.

As usual this Post is not about a specific person. I've met too many of them for that. They flow in a stream as wide as the Mississippi through our society. I know many of these people have Good in them. but I loathe how they live, and I usually also loathe Them as well. because if I hadn't pushed myself so hard, I might have ended up just like them.

and perhaps, if I slipped badly enough, I still could. *shudder*
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