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yes, we are playing with rivv's stats counter utility.

it seems to be down right now but it is a cool little tool!

just for the record, i think hit counters are fun for amusement, but i also think that people who get all eggszcited because "someone" is hitting their public pages a lot are probably too paranoid to be on the internet. every few months for the last few years, i've run into someone online flipping out because their ex or their mom or somebody they don't like or a "stalker" *rolls eyes* is reading their public bloggy woggy, or hitting their personal web site 25 times a day. well, you can either put a security level on or if you're really that concerned about privacy (a nebulous concept in which i do not believe), just don't bother having a web site then. there's a reason why they call it the Public Internet; it's because the Public is allowed to look, including the Public you don't want looking on any given day.
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