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Why I envy my cats

1. They get to sleep whenever they want
2. They get to sleep a lot of the time
3. They can hide under the bed when they feel like it and don't even have to have a good reason
4. Due to fur coverage, they don't have to be concerned with stretch marks, scars, wrinkles, flab, large pores etc.
5. They don't have to worry about turning gray, especially the ones that already are
6. No one expects them to wear makeup ever
7. They don't have to get dressed either
8. Pantyhose are absolutely out of the question for them
9. They are permitted to express themselves in the most direct ways, e.g. biting, scratching, hissing, crapping on the floor

Of course they also have to put up with ear mites, hairballs, eating dreadful looking catfood instead of KFC like I do, and licking each other's butts all the time, so I guess none of us have the purfect life.
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