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6:30 am and a pig's tail are both twirly.

I was dreaming about traveling to Australia and taking pictures of museums and polar bears when I was woken up by flashing lights and big motors being gunned and I had to get Ted to go look out the window (it's on his side) and tell me wtf was going on outside. He said it was an ambulance and the fire dept. at a house down the street. He said jokingly, "Ah, some wife probably woke up and found her husband cold." If you wonder why I have a sick sense of humor it's cuz I have to listen to jokes like that...the guy before him was just as bad...I think they do it to see if I'll get upset and act like I would miss them. so yeah I did and now I'm all awake and watching the "21 Questions" video which always makes me wanna cry till the happy ending kicks in. Y'know if the world was fair I wouldn't have the female hormones that keep most wimmen from having heart attacks before menopause, then I could just take after Daddy and keel over myself instead of worrying that some guy is going to do it all the time. Sorry if that upset anybody but I'm in a bad mood.
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