no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,


I'm continuing to post sparingly as I contemplate what sort of stuff I want to put in this LJ in the future. I've never been one to post much about my daily doings, and I find myself agreeing with the statements several people on my f(r)iends list have made that LJ sometimes tends to create more misunderstandings than it solves, especially with people you know well. I find the level of interpersonal crappity doo dah that some people drag onto LJ to be very disheartening; sometimes I understand why they do it and sometimes I don't, sometimes I don't mind it and sometimes I do, but overall it's not why I read blogs or keep one myself. I also feel that I've exhausted the analytic value of certain themes/incidents in my past life and that I need to force myself to move on to thinking about something else and quit "boring holes in boring holes."

Considering going in more of a creative writing direction on here. Interspersed with jokes of course. There will ALWAYS be jokes :-)
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