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thanks for the f*cking back story :) and a few other things

I had something important to do today, but it got called on account of the hurricane. So I had a little time to load photoslop and scanjet onto my gnu PC, and post a tribute to one of my pals.

My friend Milhouse, a/k/a derekfz recently put together a zine, sort of a compendium of his past zines that he made a few years ago, with liner notes explaining what was going on in his life at the time, for his good friends Now who didn't know him Then. Although I've heard a lot of his stories before, I thought the compendium was pretty cool given that he does zines the old-fashioned way with photocopiers and such (no fancy-ass graphix pgms, no sirree) and it was laid out and assembled very nice an' neatly and he obviously put a good chunk of time in getting it together. I am always touched and impressed when some person from Nowheresville takes the time to create, whether it be zines or songs or comic strips or (Decent!) poems. (Of course, I am considerably less impressed when they get a little recognition and start to bitch about their fan base and their rate of return and how much respect they get in New York compared to West Buttcheek, Ohio, but that's another story. )

Here's an excerpt from Mil's zine that I really liked. I believe he wrote this poemthingy originally for his high school f(r)iend Damien, but it's a pretty universal sentiment. At least there are several people who it reminds *me* of.


I met Mil on a punk list a few years ago, when I was going through some pretty sorryassed shit in my life, and we just kinda hit it off because no matter how high the soapsuds rise (pretty high sometimes for him and me both), he's generally a very down-to-earth fellow, almost always has a listening ear and is just in general Non-Wiggy and Way Cool and Easy to Hang With, plus he has good musical taste. After I took my first bar, I went to visit him by way of relaxation. It's traditional to take a vacation after the bar and before you start your Law Jobby Job, so the conversation on the first day of work with my fellow associates went something like this:

Ass1: "I'm SO glad the bar exam is OVER! I went to Italy after mine. Where'd you go?"
Ass2: "We went to Jamaica. It was great!" (turns to me) "So, where did you go?"
Me: "I went to Minerva, Ohio and hung out in my buddy's trailer."

Well okay I didn't quite put it JUST that way, but I wanted to. I like to travel, but not when I'm exhausted, as I was by the time I got done with law school, business school and the bar. It reminded me of when my mom was being all sad after my college graduation because she and Dad couldn't afford to send me to Europe; at that point I had zero desire to go to Europe, or anywhere else except straight to bed for a week. Besides, I'm the kind of a person who gets more joy out of touring the Hoover Vacuum Museum than laying on some overpriced boring beach. I still have fond memories of that visit to Ohio...watching a cooking show with the sound off and Pere Ubu cranked up...the motel that served Hostess Snowballs as the free continental-breakfast pastries. We must do it again sometime, yes? I think yes.
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