no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Who needs drugs when you can have deja vu this bad?

It's swell to have 60-page published papers in the can for use as writing samples, so I don't have to worry too hard about getting Those together. Especially because at this point, I have very little clue how I ever managed to churn out those things in the first place. I guess I was impersonating a monkey chained to a typewriter. A monkey who's really aces at citechecking.

Fortunately, those two-year-old writing samples were saved on CDR's and were not in the pile of presentation files that Madeleine, the littlest cat, has been sleeping atop and impregnating with gigantic balls of gray fuzz for the past six months.

I cleaned out a basket yesterday in which to organize the 91 application files I'm getting together. As of now, the application files are all over my bed, and Fluffy the cat is in the basket, as she has been for most of the day. She takes up the entire basket. Cats must be liquid. They always manage to exactly fill the space.
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