no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

I Don't Want To

- get yelled at anymore
- get rejected anymore
- lose anyone else important to me
- worry about self-centered people anymore
- worry when someone is silent anymore
- apologize when it's someone else who's acting weird, not me
- pretend I like people who act downright nasty to me for no reason except their own ridiculous insecurities
- pretend I don't mind when I get insulted
- pretend your behavior doesn't bother me when it does
- pretend about anything else
- put up with people bitching about each other
- put up with people yelling
- put up with people's lies and bullshit
- put up with anyone's silence
- be ignored anymore
- not get a hug at the end of the day
- put up with people who can't laugh or don't share my sense of humor
- deal with paranoid people
- deal with jealous people
- have "friends" who I can't trust
- be criticized for having/spending too much money or not enough money or anything to do with money, it's nobody's business but mine
- listen to someone else's problems when they don't listen to mine
- listen to anyone who only talks about him or herself all the time
- miss certain people who are gone
- be lonely
- compete for every freakin' thing in the world anymore, life's too short and I don't care that much
- feel uncomfortable in a group because one person is nasty or a busybody
- hide how I feel
- lock my journal
- explain myself, ever
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