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Said it before, I'll say it again.

1. If you do somebody a favor or otherwise put yourself out for someone, you're doing it because YOU want to. Unless you have some agreement beforehand, they don't owe you Jack Shit in return.

2. Therefore, if you're going to get all upset because you didn't get Jack Shit in return, then stop Doing Things for people. And don't make a big production out of stopping either, 'cause that's just another way of calling attention to Your Big Sacrifice. Just fucking STOP.

3. And if you feel like the planet's doormat, realize that the problem is with Yourself/ Your Attitude/ Your Choice of Associates, and not with the people taking advantage of you to wipe their feet.

Thanks to my mom for training me to Not Be a Doormat At Least 80% Of the Time. (The other 20% being my choice.)
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