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soppy with camels

I don't normally speachify about this on my LJ but I just wanted to give a shout out to my GOOD friends.

I don't name names or say this one's best, that one's best. you know who you are. you take my fone calls. you talk to me on AIM. you make me feel secure in an insecure world. you make me laugh and keep the bitch level low.

one of you is incredibly loyal and oddly sensible. one of you patiently listened to me rave through one of the worst Christmas holidays of my life a few years ago. one of you kindly coaxed out a traumatized me who could barely talk after some bad stuff happened. several of you give me compliments that i don't feel i deserve, but which i'm happy about because it shows there *are* people on my wavelength.

i am very grateful for all of you i consider my friends.

i think i will go call one of you now (no, I am not too drunk to do that) and get some badly needed sleep.

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