no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

how's my drinking?

black bush is sweet stuff (eh steve)?
mang, that sounds dirty :P

i haven't hit the whiskey bottle in literally months. tonight i am having a couple shots max and will have zero trouble stopping 'cause it's gonna put me to sleep which is sort of the point. it's good to be able to enjoy a drink again without worrying about turning into an alkie. come to think of it, i never worried about that when i drank whiskey and beer. my grandpa put whiskey on his oatmeal every morning for years and lived to be 85 without a problem. i only feel problematic when i drink a lot of wine, which also tends to bring on asinine behaviors such as drunk posting sprees and in one case, an AIM convo that i totally didn't remember the next day (that was when i got scared). maybe irishmen aren't cut out to drink too much wine.
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