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trust is not a four-letter word, but sometimes it should be

i ran that stupid Trustflow meme, the idea of which, I guess, is to see which cool people are on your friends' friends' lists to add. unfortunately, most of the entire list was comprised of (a) people who used to be on my friends list who aren't on there anymore (either because i dropped them, they dropped me or they deleted/abandoned their journals) and (b) people who i already know from the journals i read or even in real life, but purposefully haven't added for some reason. so yeah, it was a real big help there, not.

maybe it's just that i'm kinda burned out right now on meeting new people. "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get," except that i always seem to get the one with a nut in it that repeats on me.
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