no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,


i am four or five. we (mom and daddy and me) are invited to sunday dinner at mom's friend's apartment, in the wellington arms on madison near the park. mom and her friend cook dinner. i play quietly on the living room rug with the toy i brought, while daddy watches tv. Star Trek and I Dream of Jeannie and Run For Your Life. the big portable tv is black and white and only has three channels, 3, 5 and 8, for nbc, abc and cbs. dinner is always the same. bread and butter, some form of potatoes, a green vegetable that is usually canned green beans or canned green peas, and a meat, usually hamburger or hot dogs or chicken because those are all cheap. hamburger can appear as chili or meatloaf (neither of which i will eat), hot dogs are boiled, chicken is either shake n' baked or cooked in campbell's cream of mushroom soup. roast beef or steaks only on special days. on easter there might be lamb. on st. patrick's day there might be corned beef and cabbage which i hate and refuse to eat and feel badly about hating because my mother makes fun of me for not being a good irishman. i always put lots of applesauce on my meat. my mother's friend has to have applesauce on hand for me. she always serves pepperidge farm brown n' serve dinner rolls which i love. i always eat several from their little basket covered by a dish towel.
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