no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Lawrence of Arabi(c)a

I have a three-inch-thick biography of this guy that I started to read last time I was sick, but never finished. I read the beginning, then got bored and skipped ahead to the juicy rape parts. (I often read books out of sequence - I figure it's Gemini rising influence as JFK did the same. Currently I'm reading Wind in the Willows backwards.)

It's funny how Lawrence was played in the movies by one of Hollywood's tallest actors, when in reality he was a little five-foot-three guy. I've never known a short man who didn't feel a need to compensate by becoming a fighter pilot or empire builder or boss man or obnoxious control freak. I find a lot of short men attractive, but taller men tend to have more relaxed personalities or at least aren't so hungup on proving their Man Hood.

Anyway as I haven't finished the bio yet, I watched a TV show about Lawrence the other night and learned that in addition to malaria and dysentery, Lawrence suffered from big ulcers on his butt from bouncing around on camels. I wondered if the native people were more used to their camels, or was he dealing with a whole nation of ulcerated buttocks? Seems like chronic butt sores would create a very pugnacious climate.
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