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Garnish is not a Hindu elephant god.

I am just waiting for the episode of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" where the female ditches the made-over male in favor of moving in with the five gay men. I mean, think about it - they look good, they smell good, they take care of your apartment, cook you gourmet meals, manage your wardrobe AND you don't even have to put out in return! It's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs through a Versace filter! I suspect hordes of divas and movie queens already have this arrangement.

And when do we get "Queer World for the Straight Girl" where a passel of lesbians remake a woman's clothes and lifestyle so she's more attractive to men? Hmm, why does that sound really weird?

And while I'm talking about TV, how come every time I see that dumb yogurt ad with a bunch of women sitting on the beach orgasmically exclaiming over how Goooooooood the yogurt is, "Satin Sheets good!" "A WEEKEND WITH NO BOYS GOOD!" I want to yell, "If you have so much fun without boys, why don't you chuck those miniature cups of fruit-flavored snot and eat something decent, 'cause those women don't CARE how fat you get!" Unless perhaps they are lesbians who like skinny partners? TV confuses me soooooooo can see why I stick to nice easy-to-understand books like Pacific War Diary.
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