no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

And the stars we could reach

Years ago I worked briefly with the Navy in San Diego, which was a cool assignment because Point Loma is gorgeous and we could get a nice hotel on an island beach for government per diem rate. (As opposed to the dumps that per diem usually bought you, the absolute worst one being in Dayton of all places.) The first morning I went out on the beach before work and the tide was out and I was so thrilled at all the little Pacific shells and stuff that washed up. I collected a bunch. Best of all were these big starfish, like a foot across or almost. I got a couple of those too. I thought they were dead so it was like picking up shells. They seemed soft but I figured they'd dry out and get hard like the starfish that I bought from aquarium stores and hobby shops.

But they didn't get hard. Instead they stayed soft and kept smelling like rotten fish till I had to throw them away. I looked them up in a book on local sea life (this was before the Internet existed) and only then figured out that they were "soft stars" and would rot unless fixed in a jar of formaldehyde. Worse yet, they weren't even dead when I picked them up. Starfish wash up on the beach to take a breather once in a while, and then wash back out with the tide. So, I was an Evil Starfish Killer. I felt bad about that.

Someone should make a gangster movie about starfish living in a fancy beach mansion, called "Scarfish". The hero's enemies would rip off his limbs, then he'd regenerate them and shoot everybody.

I wish neb was around to read this post. I think he'd like it, and I miss him.
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