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I finally figured out what love is
It's having people who care enough to be involved in your life on a regular basis. maybe even a daily basis.
that doesn't mean that you never have a fight or take a break to go do something else
But it Does mean that one doesn't have to put up with ppl who only write once every two years,
or, when you tell them how unhappy you are and how much you need a friend, maybe get around to sending you a card eight months later and say "sorry I haven't written but you've been on my mind all the time"
that's not love. it's crumbs, and no one deserves crumbs, and people who hand out crumbs ought to be fed into meat grinders.
'cause you know the truth is, they just gave the bread to somebody else or kept it to themselves and...they're too damn chickenshit to come out and admit that they're Limited Beings, and don't love you,
or that the Whole Concept of Love, or at least Your Concept of Love which differs from Their concept whatever dumb concept that is, scares them for some reason.


years and years ago I had what I thought at the time was an LDR, which as it turned out was Nothing or Worse than Nothing,
and someone in my orifice tried to convince me that I didn't have a "relationship" because "He's there! You're here! thus, THERE IS NO RELATIONSHIP!"
I thought that was so wrong, I still do
People being Here or There is neither Here nor There
all that matters is how Much they care
and how Regularly they express it.
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