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Disturbing observation.

I've recently noticed that Mr. Clean on the cleaning solution bottle no longer wears an earring. I find this more disturbing than Mr. Potato Head's loss of pipe and butt compartment. In a world where gays have rights, men can wear earrings without ppl assuming they're gay, and everybody and his kid brother has about four piercings to the face, why in hell would Mr. Clean suddenly get rid of his charming accessory?

Anyway, I've switched over to Pine Sol for the time being.

Addendum: As I just posted to someone below, I see the Mr. Clean website still shows bottles with the earring on, as well as screensavers and other promo ads with the earring. I could swear I saw a recent TV ad where he didn't have the earring and something else as well (a bottle at the store? a Reader's Digest ad?) with no earring. If anyone else has noticed a missing earring please comment. I'm wondering if they're trying to quietly phase in a change or if it's just certain areas of the country, or if I'm just nuts...
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