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the year after my dad died, my mom couldn't eat. her whole life she's had trouble with getting certain kinds of food, like beefsteaks, down because her throat spasms up in a funny nervous reflex way. but this was different, she couldn't eat hardly at all. she would throw up. then she'd get faint. and she would call me up and say, "I can't keep any food down. And I keep getting faint. I don't understand what's wrong with me?" And she was thinking it was something awful, like cancer maybe. I proceeded to tell her that she was stressed out and upset and that's why she couldn't eat, and that she was passing out because the not eating and the throwing up were knocking her potassium and electrolytes out of whack. I made her lay on the couch and drink Instant Breakfasts with an egg in them for three days till she felt better. she was amazed. which in turn amazed me because my mom is not a stupid person at all except when it comes to herself. then she can miss the most basic of observances, and is always so grateful when i tell her something that's Inherently Obvious to the Most Casual Observer.

after about a year the problem went away. and I never understood how she could be so blind. except now I see that I myself am every bit as bad at seeing, when it involves Me.
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