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we are cities/ cities without a name

There are other places I love(d). And people. But I don't talk about them because when u love some/thing/body, there is always some lonely or bitter or deprived person out there who will try to take it from you in some way, make it Their Own, or at least spoil it for You. Like when I was in grade school and found a gold-toned Avon cross necklace in the snow on the way to school. My mom said, "If you want to keep it, don't wear it to school. Don't tell anyone you found it, because someone will say, Oh, I lost that! It's mine! whether they did or not." But I didn't listen to my mother and wore it to school and told ppl I found it and sure enough, Lisa and Patty, the mean girls from the next street over, claimed it was Lisa's. I ended up having to give it back. Learned a big lesson that day about keeping it to myself, because ppl who want Things from you don't care to share them.

What's mine's my own mine for me.

Only love publicly what you are strategically prepared to defend.
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