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I'm still in a lot of pain off and on and I have at least three other Great Big Life Type Things on my mind. So there are quite a few journals that I've had to stop following for a bit. I promise to be back and commenting soon.

I hope inushnu is enjoying her vacation, evilshell is enjoying Europe and lyeta is enjoying Russia. I get the impression nickyhopkins is enjoying camp :) also I'm happy to see by swellbean's LJ that the olde Grog finally closed down. that had to be the longest club closing in recorded history.

There are at least two people not on my f(r)iends list who I wish would get the hell out of my real friends' lives and quit making a mess. There is also one person not on my f(r)iends list who I hope is doing OK, and at least three who I couldn't care less how they're doing because they didn't give a shit about how I was doing and couldn't even be bothered to engage in the niceties of interaction on here. Go to hell, all of youse. OK I promise to be back with something Substantive within the next couple of days. byeeee
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