no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Stuff I found this wk so far

WHAT: My amber necklace from Oxford, the one I couldn't resist and spent too much money on the day i left, in the middle of a total eclipse, in between frantically carrying big boxes of stuff that didn't fit in my suitcase to the post office on the other side of town to be shipped home with the sky getting darker and darker.

WHERE: In a box of stuffing. Pillow, not Stove Top.

* * *

WHAT: Some kind of lilac-colored skirt and blouse outfit that I only vaguely remember buying out of some catalog and don't know where I wore it but is definitely mine (not my mom's size)

WHERE: Hanging on the back of the bedroom door in a garbage bag that I thought contained someone else's suit.

HOW: This find was discovered by knocking it off the door hook while angrily throwing shoes at cotenant who was grousing about being asked to pick up the garbage he dropped on the floor on the other side of the room.

* * *

and on an unrelated note, long fone call today. it was not a bad one, but still, please God, make everything all right. I haven't forgotten how to talk to God, I'm just too tired to get all detailed wit' it.
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