no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

The Joy of Checkpoints.

i have recently realized that one thing i like about airports these days is that friends and family members who aren't flying are no longer permitted to clog up the gate area. i hated it when people clogged up the gates with their kissy fits. i hated having to navigate through their hollering kids and their welcome balloons. i even hated it, usually, when family other than the occasional romantic person were there to hug and kiss me hello. i loved them, i was glad to see them, but i didn't want to be hugged and kissed in public, instead i wanted to go straight home, eat, rest, talk or maybe just be quiet. I'm not a non-touchy person, but i never liked kisses (that horrible smacking sound!) except romantic ones; i do like hugs but on my terms, like my cat Jasper who enjoys occasionally getting petted in the bathroom at 4 a.m. only. and when i go back to the airport i like to be by myself for a while and think, and have a coffee or a hotdog or a glass of wine, and begin my transitional state of yanking my mind and body from whatever milieu i've been in to wherever i'm going. i usually don't want people glomming on to me for hours before the flight like they don't ever want to let me go. it is impossible to explain this to the glommy people you love who love you, so i'm glad Security took care of it for me.

ted is the exception. he's generally quiet, and vast and comfortable to see around a terminal. i remember him reassuringly putting me on the plane a few years ago for a trip i wasn't sure was a good idea at the time but in the end Was. i was in a bit of a dither, and he, as usual, was very Calm. Calmness is always his biggest selling point (although I know he will eventually blow off steam by tantruming some morning over something Insignificant like the doorknob falling off for the 1,324th time). and, he never stands too close to the entranceway. I miss seeing him across the terminal and running into him like a bumper (large fat guys make great bumpers and sectionals).
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