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And if you get it wrong, you get it right next time.

Am thrilled to see that the S Ct reversed their unbelievably stupid precedent in Bowers and struck down anti-sodomy laws. 'Bout damn time, folks. HOLLA!

Thomas does make a good point about the lack of a general right to privacy, methinks, not that anyone is going to listen to him in this era. Scalia seems to be beaming it in from the planet Pat Buchanan. I do not understand how 50% of the time Scalia is the most logical, fabulous, persuasive author in the world and the other half of the time he is this whack-ass illogical relic. (Even if you buy his "homosexual agenda" crud, it is almost undebatable that Bowers was flat-out bad, poorly reasoned law.) I have the same problem with my mom so I guess it's something that people under age 70 are never going to understand, 'cause we didn't live through whatever it was. The Red scare, probably.
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