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Stuck in the Middle With Glue

As part of my Massive Cleanup Project, I am filing a bunch of clippings that have been accumulating here and there all over the house since about 1998. I found the following funny story that I had cut out of the front page of the Maryland Gazette, the local rag of Anne Arundel County, in late September 2000.

I wanted to share it because the week it ran was literally one of the lousiest weeks of my life. I had had a serious falling out with one of my dearest friends ever; someone from My Past had reared their ugly head again, only to act just as jerky as they had the first time around; and I had massive amounts of school work, including court filings, due, even though I could barely think and was missing class about half the time due to fatigue and upset. The Maryland Gazette, which I never read as I do not live in the countrified county of Anne Arundel, usually features some slaying for its banner headline, but this particular day it ran the glue story as the banner instead. That was the ONLY time I ever bought a copy of that paper. Dave Barry picked up on the story later and wrote a column about it, but I don't think even he could improve on the actual facts. Anyway, I hope someone else who is having a rough day reads this and laughs as hard at this story as I did.

Glue Leaves Woman in Self-Adhesive Mess (Note, you may need to scroll down.)
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