no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

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Am. Am not.

I am:
- Exhausted physically, just beginning to recover mentally, slightly better emotionally.
- Determined to stay positive.
- Determined to make certain positive changes.
- In the process of making other positive changes.
- Still missing at least one person and prone to anxiety if I don't keep talking myself out of it.

I am not:
- Completely well.
- A "fag hag". I have nothing against "fag hags" or gay or bi people, but I enjoy people for themselves and for how we relate to each other. Whether their sexuality or presentation is gay, bi or involves little purple aliens is beside the point, although I generally prefer people who don't have S-E-X on the brain at least half the time.
- Patient with people who get on my nerves. I have no nerves to spare right now.
- Sorry I got rid of anyone I got rid of, although I am sorry at how a few things turned out. Still, I've accepted that sometimes losses are necessary and that some stuff is way beyond my control.
- Interested in telling everybody my business.
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