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that Cool random ppl have been randoming onto my LJ again lately. that's one of the nice perks about having a (mostly) pub(l)ic journal. it also restores my faith in the concept that random commenting can be and often is a pleasant thing---you know, you exchange some ideas, perhaps then you trundle along. i've not been having very good luck with it myself; it seems that most of the time when i make a random comment i either get ignored, misinterpreted, or end up "meet"ing someone who turns out to be not very nice. i don't know what goes through the heads of people who feel a need to yell at random commenters who they don't even know, when the comments aren't flames. when a new person makes a comment to me i'm not always in agreement with them but, assuming it's something intelligent and not "you suck, stupid" I always want to know Why they posted what they did, and perhaps a little more about them.

one thing I Have noticed is that it's often a bad strategy to randomly comment on some stranger's journal who is all emo/upset about something, because the odds are good they will take it wrong and way overreact. I'm sorry this isn't a more visual medium so I can wear a big sandwich board that says, "I'm Trying to Be Nice! I Am Not a Troll! I Am Not Judging You! I Am Not Telling You What to Do!" As far as I'm concerned, if people are going to be that suspicious of a random nice comment they ought to post private or disable non-friends' comments rather than go off at random strangers as a way of blowing off their own steam. When you add that to the people who just don't respond to random comments even of an innocuous nature, I have pretty much given up on random comments for the duration. I may still make them but I'm not surprised by whatever I might get back. I'm actually more surprised when someone posts a pleasant or courteous response and wants to be friendly, which to me is a sad commentary on the public blogging network. at least it reminds Me to be polite and friendly to people who random onto me.
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