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sometimes I'm Underdog, sometimes I'm Shoe Shine Boy

Have rewritten this post about four times. As usual, it got more concise each go-round.

I am in a very odd place in my life right now.

Thinking about this a lot. And Japan (Godden wrote a lot about Japan). Space. And California. No past. And how changing my life once looked so high, like from the bottom of a big hill or small mountain that you have to get all the way up before you can stop for lunch. Now it still looks pretty high but the ground looks pretty far off too. Like I'm halfway There.

I found my "Grow Strong" tree ring again, in a bunch of linens I was putting away last week. I misplaced it months ago and didn't care because it reminded me of somebody else, a bad situation. But, I bought it for me, before anyone else was involved, so finding it means I can put it on again. All that bad went a while ago anyway, like a rotten movie coming to an end. Next reel, please. Oh, this is the next reel? I didn't notice, I must have fallen asleep or went out to concessions. I <3 popcorn. I <3 who I <3, Real People who don't leave.

I cooked dinner today.
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