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Can anybody who has more of an acquaintance with jazz than I do (i.e. some scholarly understanding deeper than the Ken Burns level) tell me (1) why in hell that genre seems to have been so critic-driven compared to blues and folk and rock and (2) why nobody ever seems to have noticed that the Brubeck group was a bunch of tight-assed white guys lacking the innate grace of their seminal contemporaries of color?

Bonus points if you can explain to me how jazz is "the only truly American musical art form" when we have all kinds of blues running around? I suppose one could concede Woody Guthrie took his original inspiration from Anglo-European troubadours, but it's hard for me to see where Johnson, Hooker etc. (and the resulting rock n' roll that followed them) were anything but "truly American". I've always felt that jazz tub-thumping its Americanness was a big slap in the face to the poorer, grittier, non-New-York-cabaret-playing and by some standards, musically simpler (this is debatable) blues types.
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