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Bob Hopeless, or, Things I Don't Understand For Wednesday

Southern indie rock.

The South in general (excluding Elvis and Texas).

The continued existence of Bob Hope on this planet and why people still celebrate it instead of wishing, like me, they could trade him in on a reincarnated George Burns.

Why people during the Nixon administration didn't collectively realize that no matter what side of the issues they were on, they were all looking, acting, and usually dressing like idiots.

Why the Nixon administration would subject returning POWs to an evening with Bob Hope. You're going to make some poor schmuck who's spent seven years in the Hanoi Hilton sit through a performance by Bob Hope? (I realize the POWs were so happy to be out that even 300-lb Kate Smith, the original Fat Lady Who Sings, would have looked and sounded good, but still.)

Why people were so shocked and surprised by Watergate.

Why no one has ever acknowledged that Bob Hope has not been the least bit entertaining since he quit making Road movies with Bing Crosby and half-nekkid Dorothy Lamour.

Why no one realized that it would be really weird for the kids of America to have to grow up with no one talking about Vietnam for about ten years after it officially ended.

Why we bother having legal ethics courses when the legal profession as a whole seems chronically unable to be honest with itself about anything.

Why, despite all the stupidity and ruckus, kids' toys were still so much neater in the 60's and 70's than they are today.
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