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I see it was Friday nite again last nite.

The amount of drinking, especially public drinking, that certain people on LJ who are intelligent enough to have sense and not on my f(r)iends list do frankly weirds me out and occasionally appalls me, even though I too like to drink. I think what appalls me is the guilty way in which many people speak of their binges (with drink, drug, food, sex, p0rn, whatevs). (Cf. previous post re guilt, supra.) If you guys are gonna drink, then get sloshed, have fun with it and don't apologize for it. Actually, that goes for pretty much everything in my book. When you start feeling like it's too much, that's when it's too much, so stop. On the other hand, if you honestly don't feel like it's too much, do it and shut up about it and don't get all critically introspective or apologetic or self-righteous about it. It's when you have to start thinking about whatever it is that whatever it is is a problem.

When I see the third whiny post about your damn drinking or whatever it is I usually lose patience with you. Unless you are or become my friend, and maybe then I understand why you are that way, though part of me still wants to slap you silly.
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