no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

mein chats keep me humble

Yesterday while I was off thinking deep meditative thoughts, the kitties busied themselves getting into the bedroom and throwing around old pieces of fried chicken (that Someone left in there unbeknownst to me), and then for the big finish, pooped copiously in various locales because i didn't clean out the catbox fast enuf.

We love you kit-ties, oh yes we do.
We love you kit-ties, oh yes we do.
Tho you make mess-es, and p00,
Oh kit-ties, we love you.

Fun Kitty Activity! Place an ordinary plastic grocery shopping bag on the floor. Shortly thereafter, a cat will come and nap on it. If you then place a second bag on the floor, a second cat will come and nap on that. You can continue this process until you run out of either cats, bags, or floors.
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