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As if to confirm my earlier point

I am reading Grace Slick's autobio which I bought months ago and lost in a basket of sheets until last weekend. I got bored with the beginning so decided to start at the other end. So far I have learned that:
- Gracie has problems with looking at cellulite. Both her own and other people's. She also thinks that fat pandas and rats are way cute but not fat people. (The mind boggles.)

- Grace thinks women over 50 who haven't had plastic surgery sag so much they look ugly and jowly when "on top". Hmmm, I've had a tummy and jowls my whole life. I must be one of those Bob Dylan "When you got nothin', you got nothin' to lose" people. Of course, if GraceFace could get into fat people, she'd realize that consolidated flab fills in space and hides a lot of figural defects.

- She can't imagine sustaining a heterosexual relationship based on respect and common interests without "passion". She says she can get respect from a dog and common interests from a museum curator. (Put all three together, that could get interesting.) You'd think someone who's so into passion as a driving force in life would understand why her last husband had to have a bunch of one night stands on the road plus a steady mistress he picked up at an AA meeting, but hey. I will leave "passion" to the experts like her (hopefully they all have plastic surgery to avoid uglying up the planet) and continue building my relationships around stuff like getting hotdogs at the 7-11 and watching TV together.

- Grace thinks middle-aged/old people don't belong on rock n' roll stages. Well, okay, if they're gonna wear doofy outfits and sing manufactured ickypop like Starship, I might agree with that.

- She also states that a rock tour nowadays (or at least in 1997 when she "wrote" this deathless tome) requires trucks, a light show and a corporate sponsor. Uh, Grace? Acoustic showcase indie small club tour HELLO?

Quel bizarre!
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