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A Fun Fact

I'm 39 years old. I've had a lot of people making silly remarks about age in general/my age in particular, or getting it way wrong in one direction or another lately, so I thought I'd announce it for the record. Except from a biological function standpoint and whatever biases the world wants to shove on me, it's a number that has become, like many things, largely irrelevant to me over the past few years.

I chuckled a bit when my mom said that my age should be irrelevant but that i shouldn't tell anyone what it is because it's my business. I see what she's getting at, but I figure since I don't care I will tell everyone my age and then proceed to not tell them a few other things that aren't their business instead.

p.s. I don't worry about getting old or make a big point out of it like some "old farts" do, because I've been old since I was 22, so it's just a matter of becoming more comfortable with what you already are. also, when you get to be my age you can't think straight anymore so half the time you forget your age anyway.
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