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the game of death

Last week I watched a TV special about Bruce Lee. I'd seen and read some stuff about him before so I was already familiar with his story, but I enjoyed the special because it featured a lot of old footage of him doing interviews, TV shows and movies. He is one of the most charismatic people I have ever seen, almost as if his purpose on earth was to serve as a channel for others to learn and expand themselves. His comments about seeking the truth within yourself and being flexible really hit home with me. He is also one of the people that I think about and admire for succeeding against almost overwhelming odds. What I notice about those people is that by the time they "achieve" in the eyes of the world, they have become so strong in themselves that the achievement/success is almost secondary. I am sorry that Bruce Lee died at such a young age, and especially that he left his child without a father, but I can't help thinking that perhaps his work on this earth was done.
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