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This is my evening to think deep thoughts when I should be cleaning the cat boxen.

"Boxen" sounds so much nicer than "boxes", doesn't it? Anyway, I was reading
this post about sex that avatar_x made, and here is the comment I made on his LJ:

The portrayal of sex as a sacred act kinda bugs me. I got enough of that crud from the Church growing up. While I do think sex is a serious act, the same way shooting a gun or wielding a sharp knife is a serious act (i.e. they all have the potential to harm somebody so one has to be responsible, even though guns and knives can be utilized for many useful purposes as well as simply for sport and skill), I tend to think of sex more like I've read some Native American tribes regarded it - as kind of a joke on humankind. It's a silly, though necessary, human function that gets blown into way too big of a deal. Putting it up on a pedestal just creates all the same problems that happen with organized religion's treatment of it.

(I think the above comment fits in rather nicely with the conversation derekfz and I had earlier...;)

However, I will say that when someone acts in a less-than-friendly way during sex, or in some way associated with sex, or brings the entire subject up in a bad manner at a bad time (I'm thinking of those annoying folks who have to tell me all about their sex life within the first ten minutes after saying "pleased to meet you"), then it turns into a very nasty joke. It's not that I think that sex is so "sacred" or that a sexual screwup is so unfixable, but more that a person who messes up in that manner usually is too selfish and stupid to redeem the situation back to friendly-and-fun. People with a little love (friendly-type love too - not just Big Bad Romance) in their hearts can always make those things all right if they try. But in my experience, some folks seem too screwed up to show love, or worry that they might be sent a bill for it.
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