no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

My Beauty Tip for this week

I am pleased to report that I tried Krazy Glue as a pore clearing mask after mistakenly buying a completely empty box of Biore pore strips at the fascist Drug Mart. (There are so many security guards and cams in there, it's like shopping for toiletries in the Gulag.)

Good things about Krazy Glue:
- It clears your pores, all right.

Bad things about Krazy Glue:
- Cyanoacrylate fumes irritate eyes and sinuses. My eyes hurt and I sneezed for about a half hour. I tried to do spots of my face separately so I could close the eye and nostril on the side where I applied it.
- It's a pain in the butt getting the stuff all peeled off.
- It takes off a small amount of skin along with the pore clogs.
- It made my face break out.

I might use it again but just on the nose. I have a really tough nose.
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