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This post is not a general statement, but rather is in relation to a specific situation.

I find it humorous when someone bans me from commenting in their journal when the last thing i said to them was already the last thing I planned to say to them, ever. I would not make a cold statement if that was not the case. It's true that in the past I thought perhaps we would eventually be able to work things out and be friendly after certain other situations "calmed down", but over the last three months I have realized the impossibility of that for many reasons that don't need to be printed here. The main one being that I, in learning to interact with people again, have learned some very big lessons about the type of person who, while s/he may be a basically good person, I do *not* want as a friend, or even a friendly acquaintance.

If anyone else would care to drop me as a friend out of loyalty to someone else, or disagreement with me, or whatever, please, feel free. I like the people who have been kind enough to add me to their list. I wouldn't have presumed to add them first due to the tension between me and the person who feels a need to ban. Nor would I have added back if I didn't want to pursue some kind of a friendship, although I don't expect to make a best bosom buddy out of everybody I add. However, I will understand if certain people do not want to read my stuff anymore, or have me read them.

Sorry for the LiveJournal drama. I will now get back to real life where, as one of my dear true friends often says, "Real people have Real problems."
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