no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

I wrote a post but LJ dumped it.

Because I don't feel like writing the whole thing out again, I'll just paraphrase the short version. It basically said that I feel comfortable talking to people on here such as Bonnie, Stephanie, Samantha, Beth and others about Matters That I Don't Normally Discuss because (1) people on my list don't pry into my business; (2) people on my list don't make me feel like i'm under scrutiny to become part of some special in-group that I don't give two hoots about; and (3) people on my list appear to be genuinely interested in me and other people as people, and not as mechanisms for themselves to use in finding sex or romance. If you wanna "date" (euphemism) my friends, feel free, it's your lives, but don't involve me in it. First, I'm not here to help you, and second, if you interfere in any way in the relations between me and my friends you will become a non-person on my radar screen in about thirty seconds.

By the way, this post has absolutely no relation to anything going on in my life at the moment.
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