no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Real people don't need steamy shower doors.

I saw a snippet of Madonna being interviewed on TV, obviously filmed through a foggy effect filter in some bizarre attempt to make her appear still 26 despite the fact that everyone knows she is well into her 40s.

I also saw a snippet of Johnny Cash in his 40s playing a Gospel-singing murderer on my father's favorite TV show, "Columbo." He was overweight and had a large bulbous nose and obviously dyed black hair.

Now, I ask you:
- Who's cooler, Madonna in her 40s or Johnny Cash in his 40s?
- Who would you rather look like, Madonna in her 40s or Johnny Cash in his 40s?
- Did you have to actually think for more than 0.05 second about the above questions?
- So, how come Madonna in her 40s needs a fog filter, but Johnny Cash in his 40s didn't?

(By the way, if you're tempted to answer, "Johnny Cash has talent and Madonna does not," you should probably go watch that episode of "Columbo" and get back to me.)
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