no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Movies I hate (as in, most of them)

I wonder which film interests me less: Harry Potter or this Matrix thang. It doesn't really matter because Lord of the Rings had them both beat on the couldn't-care-less scale. Childhood Disney films excluded, I can think of exactly two massively popular movies that I was ever interested in seeing. Namely, the first Star Wars film (which I wanted to see mostly because (1) my friends were going and (2) barely-pubescent me thought Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill were babes) and Independence Day. It seems like most blockbusters nowadays are science fiction or fantasy and I can't stand the modern genres of either. I do not know how I ever got admitted to tech school given that I hate SF, fantasy, D&D and Robert Pirsig. Then again, I would rather sit through any of the above than have to watch Sleepless in Seattle or When Harry Met Sally, so maybe I just hate popular everything and should go crawl under a rock now.

Edited to add, OK I guess I was really hyper to see Saturday Nite Fever too when it came out. Same reasons as Star Wars. I had strict parents though and didn't get to see it till I was 22, so I'm not sure it counts.
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