no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

How odd

that I should think of Stephen Glass today. I don't watch "60 Minutes" regularly anymore, and didn't know about the interview. Then again, it was the business with the plagiarist New York Times reporter that made me remember, so maybe not so odd.

I knew Stephen Glass casually a few years ago. I'll skip the details except to say that I saw him regularly for many months, and would have worked with him regularly if not for what happened. He was in litigation. We couldn't ask about it, and he couldn't talk about it, and given the quiet person he was, at least on the surface, I wouldn't have asked, anyway.

This was the last I read about him. It illustrates the gulf between our culture - Steve's and now, mine - and other people's, that Jason Cherkis would think $40 K was a pretty good salary, that he would write in a somewhat surprised tone that Steve was by far the best candidate for that job. I'm not surprised he is "cashing in", as MSNBC put it. He's paid for his "crime" (?) many times over in economic losses that, to me, are too punitive for whatever harm (?) he actually did. Especially given that a perjurer was sitting in the Oval Office at the time. Still, he was a smart guy and likely knew what the penalty would be, so it's not like I feel all sorry for him. Just baffled by where society sometimes chooses to put the weight of its morals.
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