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mister peabody's wayback machine

this night.

the night i saw "donnie darko", reel life that paled in comparison to real life. and what they'd done to your old flat. and that new, nervous-making pile of scrambled bricks and metal, ugly school for suits, obnoxiously crouching in wait. i was looking across the street tho, to where we sat in the bushes, you and me and kevin, rather than listen to death of samantha. who, all professional jealousies aside let's be honest, sucked. they got good later on, but they sucked then. john trying too hard to be cool (Some things never change), swearing onstage though it was undelayed live, till phyllis cut him off. i got told all this later, i wasn't paying attention, we sat in the bushes and laughed and gazed on the empty lot across the street and one lonely tumbledown frat house blaring Live Aid from big stereo speakers in its windows. you and kevin drank. and kevin said he didn't want to be his different name, his Locally Famous Stage Persona, that day. he said, "I just wanna be a Kevin." and now you're dead and kevin's burned out and we all know what happened to death of samantha. and they built that building on the empty lot, and carried the bodies out.
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