no. (roses_rejoice) wrote,

Lots on my mind but it's staying there

I hope things get better for all the ppl on my f(r)iends list having a hard time with deaths and illnesses and marital troubles and stuff right now. You're all in my thoughts, 'cause like I said yesterday, you're my friends even if I don't know you all that well. Why are you my friends? B/c we talk on here...b/c you don't yell at me or disappear. Simple really.

Speaking of friends, I finally talked to dust_devil again last night who seemed completely unaware he had named himself after a Matador band. ???? That was cool, I missed him. I was thinking last night that it's kinda weird to finally get a new brother at age 39 but I'm getting used to the idea. When I got married I thought my brother and sister-in-law would be like real siblings, but they aren't at all. I guess sibs are like nice jewelry. If you don't inherit it from your folks you're best off choosing your own.
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