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dreamed last nite I got the house cleaned out and the rooms were like, emptyish. OH YEAH THAT SURE WAS A DREAM, AW RIGHT. yeh yeah i know it's symbolic and all that.

it rained the last two days and the world smelled mmmmm nice like a big wet bowl of veggies. like balboa park. which sorta made up for the fact that people drive terrible in bad weather. i love the smell of damp plant matter so much, i think i'm part turtle or wetlands tortoise.

Top Five Smells Ever: (excluding smells of certain people, that's private)
1. Wet plants
2. Bunny rabbit (they smell like warm wheat fields)
3. Smoky rock n' roll bar (smoke + beer)
4. Coffee
5. Jovan Musk (sentimental fave)

In the last few weeks a number of surprising people (like, 5-10) have added this LJ. Like, people adding and making friendly comments who I really didn't think would be interested. It weirds me out a little, altho it's nice. One thing about me and this LJ is that it, and other online stuff, are a large part of my social life as opposed to being just something I do when I don't have anything else going. Some people who've spent a lot of time online will get what I mean, and some probably won't. But the upshot is that if we talk on here I probably consider you some level of friend, whereas some other people might see LJ as more of a place to kill time or make contacts and their "real" friends are somewhere else. Or they have certain "real" friends online who are way different from the teeming hordes of people they just talk to. I have a few friends who aren't on LJ or even online much, and of course there are different levels of friendship even for people who are, although I hate making a big deal out of it so I don't much talk about it. I don't like when people constantly have to post who their best friends are, or make a big deal out of filtration, because in my mind that creates a visible barrier like a VIP room and is just divisive. If you read my LJ a lot you can pretty much see who my friends are, so I don't feel a need to run around making announcements.

hmmm, what else can I add? I overslept. This underwear I have on is too small. The End.
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