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HEY! Looky Looky Peoples, It's Actual Real Info About Stuff Going On In My Life!

Number of highways Yahoo Maps said I needed to take to the show: 5
Number of highways I actually needed to take to the show: 2 (and one runs directly into the other)
Number of maps I was able to print from Yahoo and the club site: 1
Number of Adequate, Informative maps I was able to print from Yahoo and the club site: 0
Number of times I drove over the Memorial Bridge: 3 (back and forth)
Number of times I drove over the Wilson Bridge: 0 (I couldn't find it)
Number of people in small 'burb where club was who I stopped and asked for directions: 3
Number of people asked who had any idea where the street I was asking about was despite the fact that it is a Main Drag with at least three Metro stations on it: 0
Number of hours it should have taken me to drive to the club: 1.2 according to Yahoo
Number of hours it actually took me to drive to the club: 2.5 including stopping for directions and Adequate, Informative map (obtained from hotel following parking lot shenanigans involving a large black limo full of men in suits and white ten-gallon cowboy hats and some security guards)
Number of times I had to drive up and down street where club was till I finally located club: Approximately 4 (once going in right direction that I thought was wrong direction, once to turn around, and twice to compensate for fact that club is located on small segment of one-way portion of street)
Number of police officers who followed me into the club: 2
Number of minutes I had to wait for a drink while police officers discussed noise problem with bartender: 5-7
Number of alcoholic drinks I consumed: 0
Number of non-alcoholic drinks I consumed: 1
Number of minutes I actually managed to see/hear music being played: About 30, give or take a few when cops made them turn it off
Number of CDs I bought: 1
Number of GBV members on the CD I bought: 1
Number of minutes it took me to drive home now that I figured out where the place was and got a decent map: About 50
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