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Let's make lists!!!

Ten LJ Subjects That Cause Me To Scroll My Eyes:
1. Your "First Time"
2. Your Life as a Boring English Major
3. How Homesick You Feel at College
4. More Than Three Lines On Your Wonderful SO When It's Not Even Their Birthday or Valentine's Day (Alternate Choice: More Than Three Lines On Your Horrible Ex-SO When You and Wonderful SO Part Ways And Start Airing Your Grievances on LJ)
5. Your (Step)Parent Sucks, But You Can't Get It Together to Move Out So You'll Just Sit Here and Cry About It and Then Go Out and Party
6. "Unfaithfulness" and "Cheating" and the Evil Evil People Who Do Dat
7. Your Detailed Polyamory Constitution, As Amended by Domestic Household Bill #4.2314.69 As Of 6 AM This Morning Over the Breakfast Toast
8. Your Teenage Depression and Crises
9. Your Middle-Aged Depression and Crises
10. How You're Not "Getting Any" and Wish You Were "Getting Some" and How the "Some" You Got Was Really Great When You Did "Get Some"

Ten LJ Subjects That Get My Attention:
1. Your Guitar (Assuming You Actually Play Music and Don't Just Sit Around Talking About It and Pretending You're Getting Something Done, and Further Assuming You're Friendly and Will Talk About Your Music With Someone Other Than Your Bandmates and Your SO)
2. Your Intelligent Views on Constitutional Law
3. Your Amusing or Whimsical or Moodily Industrial Drawings, Paintings or Photographs
4. Your Complete and Unexpected and Artful Nonsequiturs
5. Your Discussion of Any City I Like/ Love (excluding New York City, which I do like but which is vastly overrated and which should really separate from the US and float out to the ocean taking with it everyone who loves it so they would stop talking about how wonderful it is when it's really ordinary as hell compared with about ten other more creative places)
6. Your Cute Fuzzy Small Pets Doing Something Original in a Pic
7. Your Artful or Entertaining or Humorous Descriptions of Visits to Quirky or Even Ordinary Places
8. Your Creative Rantage About Subjects Not Mentioned in the Eye Scrollage List
9. Your Beautiful and Thought-Provoking Pictures Painted With Words
10. Fun With Nifty Cartoons and Toys
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